From Glacier to Grand Canyon.

From the Canadian to the Mexican border.

The finest dark skies in the developed world are found in the Intermountain West.

Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.


The Intermountain West enjoys not only vast tracts of some of the world's most dramatically scenic public lands, but also the exceptional transparency of night sky viewing afforded by high elevation and a decidedly arid climate.

Unparalleled dual advantages of this extraordinary corridor: 

The Great Western Starry Way

There are now close to 60 Dark Sky Places (parks, reserves, sanctuaries, communities and tribal nations) in The Great Western Starry Way that are accredited (or in process) by the IDA (International Dark-Sky Association). 

These places offer abundant options for urban dwellers, wanderers, locals and those just passing through to experience the Milky Way and reclaim the legacy of the dazzling dark skies for themselves and their families.